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This chair is inspired by the feeling you get when you are on a swing outdoors. This is a mock up of a chair where the seating is suspended with ropes or coir ropes. To give the feeling of a swing.
This is a seating that looks like an enlarged version of a dry leaf. I wanted to make a seating inspired by the crumpled form of dry leaf by manipulating it's form further, enough to make support for a person to comfortably sit on it.
I wanted to make the whole thing out of only paper . paper mache, as I did not want to use environmentally harmful materials and I also wanted to give back to nature by making something that is completely biodegradable.
This is a mock - up of a chair inspired by the shape of a flower. You can see the abstracted form of a flower clearly from a top view.
I want to vertically use bamboo in order to get this form.
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The dry leaf chair

This project was inspired by the botanical , I explored different forms and figures in nature to derive a seating from it. This chair is inspired by the form of a dry leaf. I tried to replicate the folds formed when a leaf starts to dry and crunch together and used the folds to create a dent for the seating.

Bijin Davis
Product and Furniture Design Bangalore, India