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Brief :
To create a utility based product inspired by a Flora or Fauna
Concept :
I chose to use the jelly fish as my inspiration to design a tall side table. I studied the form of a jelly fish and used Origami (paper folding ) to abstract it's form. I also used the legs of a jellyfish as my inspiration to create the legs of a tall high table.
Materials used : Gateway sheet, Metal pipes and Glass.
To understand the form of a Trigyrate Rhombicosidodecahedron by making a mock-up with paper and to create mock-ups of a utility based furniture.
Concept :
By subtracting 2/5th of the outer form, It could be used to create a suitable seating for an outdoor space or for the purpose of reading, relaxing, taking personal space etc.
Materials used : Paper and Fabric
Brief :
To create a chess piece set by understanding the kinds of forms suitable for the game.
Concept :
The chess pieces in the game each have a rule in the way they move. I used the movement/ direction of each of the chess pieces to create my form.
Eg : The King can only move one step in eight directions, Thus I used the form of an Octagram OR
The bishop moves only in diagonal directions, thus I used the form of a tetrahedron.
Materials used : Paper (around 300 gsm ) and clay ( for the queen )
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Understanding Semantics and Forms

I explored different kinds of forms and tried to derive inspirations to create utility based products through material explorations as well.

Bijin Davis
Product and Furniture Design Bangalore, India