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A Trolly to carry water in :
The frame of the trolley was made with pipes and l- angles we found in the workshop. The top is a plastic container to carry 5 liters of water and had a tap attached to it. The trolley had four wheels .
The family we met was a Parent with five children. They did not have a home of their own, they were just camping out on an empty land near college. We spoke to them and understood that they needed some source of water. Their children would walk for two kilometers with a heavy pot on their head just to carry water back home. Thus we thought it would be convenient if they had a trolley to drag the water on and a tap that would make it convenient for them to use the water.
Multi - purpose table :
This table has a snake and ladder game painted on one side and a black board on the other side. It could be flipped on any side according to the need of the Children.
The kid's told us that they had to stop studying as their parent's wanted them to help them with work. They still loved to draw, write and study. They had a tent to themselves where all their old school bags and books were kept. So we thought to make something that would entertain them . They could not afford to keep buying books either so we made a table where on one side they could draw and write using a chalk and on the other side they could play. We re-used the legs of a chair for the table's stand.
Was a beautiful experience to interact with the family and kid's and see their happy faces before leaving.
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re-using materials to create usable products

We went out to find a client or someone who was in need of a customized product for their personal use.
We re-used materials that we found to make products that were useful for a family in need of it.
Group work with : Namrata Singh , Anamika Deb, Sravya Bhavirisetty and Myself.

Bijin Davis
Product and Furniture Design Bangalore, India