Logo and tee-shirt design for WXDU radio's "Who's Got The Cuckoo?!" garage-rock radio show, 2010
Logo for Atlanta band Thee Myspelled, 2012
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Logo for local band Phatlynx, also used as a sticker, 2011
Logo for Albuquerque band Selsun Blue, 1997
Logo for Chingón Hot Sauces, San Diego, CA, 2013
DVD logo design for "Hoppie & Crispy's Bar-B-Q Tour." 2008
Logo system for Orchard Family Medicine, 2008
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Logo for blues band Selsun Blue, 1997. This was also used as a tee-shirt design.
Logo for the band Phatlynx, 2010
Teeshirt design for the Atlanta Harm Reduction Center, 1998

Various logos I've created

Robby Poore
Design Manager Chapel Hill, NC