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This is a page from a children's book concept for a client in Beverly Hills, California.
The Children's Book "Four Oranges and a Banana". Author: Michael Boyer. Illustrations by Blaise Gauba.
Simple pen and ink graphics scanned and colored in a digital illustration software program and then formatted to be printed in greeting cards.
I really enjoy designing fun and entertaining greeting cards.
Mr. Blue Bird. A design illustration I created for a sticker.
I also design custom product labels for small businesses and startups.
Stylized caricatures for cartoons and animation projects. Character design and character development.
Visual, and informational graphics design.
This was a design I created as art for a contest for a local business advertising campaign. (Free art?) Either way, it was fun to enter the contest in my rare and elusive downtime.
Children's Books, Cartoons, and Comics (Illustrations)

I have been an illustrator working in art design using my skills both, and foremost as an artist, but also as an art director as well as an artists manager. The illustrations you see in this portfolio were all designed and created by me for various projects and/or productions whether they were for children's books, comic books, advertising, as well as for animation projects. I also work as a cartoonist. Thank you for taking the time to look through my work. It's greatly appreciated.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Blaise Gauba
Designer Torrance, CA