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I am a designer, illustrator, digital graphics artist, cartoonist, puppet designer and puppeteer, digital as well as traditional sculptor and a voice-over actor. I have over thirty years of knowledge, experience and expertise working for Walt Disney Imagineering, Walt Disney Art Classics, Walt Disney Animation Studios, and I have worked for all of the major film and television studios in Hollywood, including many of the minor studios as well. I have worked as a prop maker, a mold maker, a special effects make up artist, a miniature model maker and architectural model builder. I have worked in the toy and collectibles industries, including the greeting card industry. I have a resume and portfolio to back up my years of experience and I am always seeking new projects to work on, whether they be full length feature films or a television show or commercial spot or even a point of sale display. I go where the interest and the work takes me. I love working with other creatives, as that is the most inspirational and enjoyable way for me to collaborate and bring some new project to life, working with others. It is always satisfying to see a project through to the end and see all the smiling faces, especially the client's smile.

Experience & Education