Lexus CT-S EV Scooter

This scooter is a personal transportation solution for big, busy and crowded cities.
designed in collaboration with Lexus Israel.
The CT-S is a compact, fast, agile last mile transporter. The CT-S is a state of art technology, made with an aerospace light weight carbon fiber body and lithium ion long lasting batteries. The CT-S is charged in the Luggage compartment of the car using Standard 12v socket - and used for a last mile journey to the office. This way the CT-S is always charged. It Relies on the cars ability to generate electricity.

The CT-S is an Electric scooter, inspired by the same philosophy of Lexus's innovative design the L-FINESSE.
"leading edge design and technology applied with finesse".

Boris Goldberg
Mechanical / Industrial Designer Kfar Saba, Israel