Collapsible Duffel - Sport- Sailing inspired duffel collapses into EVA housing
Concept Packaging Render
Carhartt Sleeve - Neoprene Laptop Concept Rendering
Carhartt Duffel bag design for gift w/ purchase in retail locations (Advertisement by Carhartt)
Sport Event Giveaway - Concept for an inexpensive coozie/flag to be given out at sporting events
Frisbee Lunch Tote - Concept for a integrated frisbee into a neoprene lunch tote.
Color Blocking - Various blockings and color options on a basic duffel
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Hilton NYC - Molded EVA Portoflio case for Hilton
Wheeled Cooler Sketches
Molded deco plate in various finishes and original 3D model
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Brian Piper
Industrial Designer Seattle, WA