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“A brand starts with a single action. It’s something that makes an impact, a seed to germinate, an idea to grow. Much like a pebble dropped in a pond, a brand creates waves that have the power to touch everything in its path. Its customers, its community, its environment. Help your brand make an impact.” “Make Waves.” Brandocity, 2007 The Brandocity Philosophy: We believe the brand comes first. Before advertising is created, websites are developed or print collateral is designed a brand must be defined and its identity captured. The Brandocity process ensures that your company’s message and your brand's essence are always forefront in your consumer’s mind. - Possessing a deeper understanding of your business, we develop solutions that are engaging and impactful. - We merge strategic based thinking with refined creative implementation. - We embrace a holistic approach that encompasses all aspects of the marketing mix. - We’ll make your marketing dollar go further for real bottom line results.


• RX Medical Awards • SAM’s Awards (HBA of Greater Cincinnati) • CDCA of Greater Cincinnati

Experience & Education