Art Museum: Logo and Identity System - This identity for the Cincinnati Art Museum is dynamic, intended to be reconfigured in reaction to its surroundings. The central C shape is required to appear along with the text lockup, but the shapes in the logo may also be repeated and layered. I created the shape system of this identity as well as the included collateral materials.
Art Museum: Identity Application - The layering of the logo’s components can be used to emphasize the compositional motion that is already occurring within the piece, allowing a subtle but firm application of the museum’s identity. This allows minimal interference with the integrity of the original art while retaining the possibility of calling attention to details within the work that may go unnoticed otherwise.
Art Museum: Billboard - In building this campaign, I felt that it was appropriate to create a noninvasive identity, and that a sensitive design would be more effective than a loud one. The system’s dynamic nature allows a direct connection to the works of art.
Art Museum: Print Design - Outdoor print piece.
Art Museum: Bus Stop Poster - Outdoor advertising.
Art Museum: Postcard - Postcard.
Art Museum: Directory - The signage for the interior of the museum continues to use the same dynamic system. Moving into the museum, the identity becomes increasingly subtle to avoid detracting from the art. The logo lockup is no longer required, and the identity can be used more expressively. All signage materials for the interior are constructed from a nearly clear white frosted acrylic. The cut edges of each piece retain a shine.
Art Museum: Entrance Signage - The pieces of acrylic are free to rotate.
Art Museum: Entrance Signage Rotated - The acrylic pieces are free to rotate.
Art Museum: Directory Detail - directory detail.
Art Museum: Gallery Sign - Wayfinding between galleries.
Art Museum: Business Card - Business card.
Art Museum: Membership Card - Membership card.
Art Museum identity
Christina Cahalane
Designer at Christina Cahalane Cincinnati, OH