Nuclear Arms and American Pop Culture Infographic - This informational piece is about nuclear weaponry in American popular culture. It measures 5 feet in each direction. The top half focuses on imagery within pop culture, while the bottom portion covers historical events, including a timeline of relevant information on nuclear proliferation, contemporary presidents, and explosion photographs. The photographs and illustrations come from various sources, and are historic images.
Nuclear Arms Infographic: Details - Detail of image section. Images are color coded according to their attitude towards atomic weaponry.
Nuclear Arms Infographic: Details - Detail. This section defines the contemporary president, including length of term and political affiliation.
Nuclear Arms Infographic: Details - Detail. This piece of the infographic shows each nation that is known (or is suspected, as in the case of Israel and South Africa) to have built atomic weapons. The coloration of the bars shows each nation's status regarding the nuclear non-proliferation treaty. The date of first successful testing for each country is indicated at the start of its bar, and a circle within indicates an acquisition of the Hydrogen bomb.
nuclear arms infographic: desktop - background for desktops- 1920x1080
Nuclear Arms infographic
Christina Cahalane
Designer at Christina Cahalane Cincinnati, OH