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Can Onart is experienced in all phases of design and art with an emphasis on interior design, space planning, programming, graphic design, human factors, farming, teaching, sculpture, mapping, movie making, sketching, styling, transportation design, architecture, interior design and furniture. I work as a freelancer.


*Designed and fabricated modular design units and the gallery for 4 times “A Life Overflowing: Aziz Nesin 1915 - 2015” ( 1• Depo – Tophane / Istanbul, 2• Tuyap / Istanbul, 3• Nazim Hikmet Kultur Evi / Bursa, 4• Ahmed Adnan Saygun Kongre Merkezi / Izmir. ( (February 2015 – December 2015) *Teacher for a 5 weeks product design program in Bursa for Bilgi University. ( (November 2015 – December 2015) *Published on Bilgi Universities Magazine “Vitae” about the classes that I would teach ( pages 58 - 59) (Oct-Nov 2015) *Best designed bus seat award in Russia / Busworld Fair. (October 2015) *Invited guest for “Design City Bursa” event also made a 1/25 map model of Bursa with 9 historical buildings that were made by 3D printer and displayed one of my Speaker Designs (June 2015). *Designed and fabricated the stage for the 100th year of the Turkish movies (Event took 15 days) Bogazici Film Fest ( (November 2014) *Published on Architectural Digest magazine in Russia ( (February 2010) *First place at “Frank O. Gehry’s bench” competition. (The Philadelphia Art Museum, , Oct 2008) *Published on CORE77 in 2009 ( *Published on Yanko Design in 2009 ( *Best of the Quarter, The Art Institute of Philadelphia, 2006

Experience & Education