Bent angles with a few curve to make it feel more approachable
Prototype with spot welds to block in the form.
Vented design to allow air to pass through and heat dissipation. Rear takes on a flying buttress theme.
Open sides and rear for venting to reduce heat buildup. The lower rear is designed to hold the safety SMV like a license plate caring through the floating theme.
First machines with the ladders down to climb up.
The floating rear H-frame connects the elements while containing smaller feature such as the lights, emblem, and exhaust pipe.
Lights, reflectors, and H-frame are bright red or yellow for high visibility when driven on roads as well as brand integration.
2016 Steel Limited Production Machine

This engine hood takes on a more angular approach to the design theme carried through from the Hagie DTS 10. It is designed with bent steel, welds, and finishing, no stamps or molded parts for low-production cost savings.

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Carey Lyn