San Francisco Boutique Hotel - This is a collection of work, condenced down into an easy to view format. Not all work is featured.
Hotel - facade - View of the facade as a perspective as well as elevations of the South and West walls. Detail is of the exterior signage.
Hotel - first floor and materials - First floor plan of the San Francisco Hotel as well as some of the major furniture pieces throughout the space.
Hotel - lobby and registration desk - View of the San Francisco hotel lobby with a first floor, and registration desk elevations.
Hotel - secondary seating area and materials - Perspective of one of two secondary seating areas. Located under the stairs and in the West corner of the space, the seating area features one of many of the organic structures that tie the space together and contrasts with the modern, linear furniture.
Hotel - coffee bar and materials - Perspective of the coffee bar and seating area with a glimpse of the concierge desk on the far right corner. Modern furniture fills the space while, once again, a organic structure peaks into the space.
Hotel - second floor, R.C.P., and elevator - Second floor plan with a reflected ceiling plan. The elevator for the hotel is also shown with an elevation of the first and second floor entry ways, as well as a cross section with blow-up details, and and interior 'fold out' of what it will look like inside the elevator.
Hotel - restaurant and materials - Perspective of the restaurant on the second floor. Detail of the custom built "booths" is also shown, as well as custom designed menus and wine list. Furnishings and place settings, art work and even utensils have been thought through and shown.
Hotel - bar and materials - Perspective of the second floor bar area is shown with bar elevations, cross section and materials. The bar is the "in between space" placed in the corner window area of the second floor giving patrons the perfect view of the city while they relax. The bar is placed between the restaurant and the lounge area.
Hotel - lounge, balcony and furniture - Perspective of the lounge area on the second floor. Serveral large and small seating areas adorn the space as well as an organic "wave" placed in the corner seating area, once again tying together the nature vs. humanism concept.
Florence's Study Center
Florence's Study Center
Bank - lobby, elevation, R.C.P, and materials
Bank - manager's office, conference room, facade and reception desk
Walk-In Clinic
Walk-In Clinic - lobby, lounge and materials
Designer Apartment: Coco Chanel
Designer Apartment - first and second floor plan, first floor perspective and materials
Designer Apartment - facade, perspective and materials
Mary Brogan Gift Shop
MBGS - perspective, elevations and materials
Day Spa
Day Spa - first floor plan, perspective, elevation and materials
Day Spa - second floor plan, materials and additional perspectives
Contemporary Apartment
Contemporary Apartment - perspective, bathroom detail and materials
Hand Rendering
Hand Draw Reception Desk
Carolann Bond
Project Manager with Bachelor of Science Interior Architecture & Design Orlando, FL