Final course logo created by Case.
Title sequence as planned by Case.
Transition between distinct video lessons in a module.
Full transition illustration.
Greenscreen replacement backgrounds created by Case. The concept was to modify photos to the point where it is clear that the presenter is not standing in the environment, and to make them feel consistent. Stock photos where sourced and modified, and overlaid with a line drawing of a topographical map of part of the Arctic that was redrawn and simplified.
Plans for how different assets would display on screen during the video.
Arctic Development - Video Course

This is the third course in a series of courses about the Arctic that Onlea has created for a set of university clients.

Case was responsible for the art direction of this course, created the course logo, and filmed/audio recorded some of the lessons. Video post-production by
Madeline Yee.

This course is not yet live on Coursera.

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Case Krawcewicz
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