MOC Logo and variations - Marjorie O'Connor is an internationally known Fitness Educator and Motivator. She needed a redesigned logo that communicates the sense of community and fun that exists in her classes.
MOC Letterhead, Business Card, and T-shirt.
Push Button Games - logo design and variations for a fictional game design company.
Illustrated cards for a game.
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Math Conference Logo - This logo is designed for a math conference happening this July at the University of Alberta. This is one conference in a series entitled Groups, Rings and Group-Rings. The logo needed to be able to be easily modified for future conferences at different hosting universities. It also needed to relate the the algebraic concepts included in the title while containing a visual language that was understandable to math professionals.
Math Conference Registation Form
Math Conference Business Card, Letterhead, and Envelope
Graphic Design (BDes)

Visual Communication Design (graphic design) work created while Case was completing his BDes degree at the University of Alberta.

Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Case Krawcewicz
Graphic Design / UX / Marketing Strategist / Motion Graphics... Edmonton, Canada