Square poster intended to promote the course on social media, and to be printed and displayed in Onlea's office.
One and a half minute version of the course trailer created by Case. Some assets and animates included were also created by him as well.
Images made for Instagram posts to promote the course.
Print postcard, designed by Case, promoting the course.
Course posters summarizing principles mentioned in each lesson.
An example poster integrating text and image. View PDF
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Example of atypical and typical financial magazine layouts.
An example favourite font poster. View PDF
View PDF
Examples of posters designed in Swiss style.
An example of a poster designed in an Art Nouveau style.
An example book cover.
Graphic Design Fundamentals - Video Course

At Onlea we created a video course on graphic design fundamentals. Case worked on the course itself, as well as created marketing materials for the course. Here is some of that work, as well as some of his designs that are used as examples in the course.

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Case Krawcewicz
Graphic Design / UX / Marketing Strategist / Motion Graphics... Edmonton, Canada