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Business cards designed using the visual system designed by Case. The idea behind this system of business cards to have cards that are as unique as the employees they represent while still feeling like they belong to a cohesive system. Here is a blog post that Case wrote on this topic (while his name was still Veronica): https://onlea.org/business-cards-as-unique-as-our-team-members/
Current and past team member illustrations made by Case, made to match the style of existing team member illustrations. This style of team member illustration was set by former Onlea animator Suzy Spence.
An illustration of use in Onlea client proposals and social media. Case collaborated with Nikolina Mileusnic to define a new style of illustration that the company is slowly transitioning to.
Some more illustrations created by Case.
Layout for Onlea White Papers.
Onlea's poster for the 2017 Coursera Conference. Designed by Case.
Concept for a Ad Campaign for Onlea in 2017 before Onlea's logo was updated. This concept was not chosen.
Another mock-up for the Ad Campaign concept.
Mock-ups for that Ad Campaign concept.
Onlea Promotional Assets

While working at Onlea, Case has also designed the visual system used for their business cards, and created graphics and illustrations for marketing purposes. Case also redesigned Onlea's client proposals, letterhead, white paper template, and project style guides.

A poster designed for use a the 2017 Coursera Conference is also shown.

At the bottom of this page there are mock-ups for an ad campaign concept. A few Onlea designers were tasked with pitching possible ad campaigns, that must include billboard signage, back in 2017.

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Case Krawcewicz
Graphic Designer at Willowglen Systems Edmonton, Canada