Icons made by Case for the app. These where used in the final app.
Early mock-ups made for user-testing to see which iteration students were more likely to download.
Details from one of the three variations.
Details from one of the three variations.
An earlier iteration of the mockups.
More early mock-ups.
Different early mockups for the starting screen.
Early wireframes of key screens.
Wireframes showing the process of identifying peaks on IR graphs.
Wireframes showing the other steps needed to identify a molecule.
Organic Chemistry App

Case worked in the organic chemistry Mastering Spectroscopy app during the early stages of the project. This included creating personas, interviewing end-users, making wireframes and mock-ups, and testing them with end-users. The final look and feel of the app was taken over by the programmer on the project (who was also a designer). Case did make the icons used in the final app.

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