Course posters.
Promotional trailer for the SDA Specialization, created by Case.
Example backgrounds from the four courses in the specialization.
Example stills from the courses in the specialization.
Logos for each course and for the specialization.
Logo options presented to the client.
Different art direction options that where shown to the client.
Software Design and Architecture Specialization - Video Courses

The Software Design and Architecture Specialization is composed of four video courses. Case Krawcewicz was the key creative responsible for the art direction, post-production, graphic assets, music selection, logo design, and creation of the trailer. Case was assisted by a design intern (Yasemin Boluk) with asset creation and assembly.

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Freelance, Full-time, Moonlighting
Case Krawcewicz
Graphic Design / UX / Marketing Strategist / Motion Graphics... Edmonton, Canada