Screen capture showing the first part of the course. Version has had client branding removed, as well as the official course name. On top of the art direction and page layout, Case also created all the illustrations shown in this video, and sourced the stock photography.
An illustration made for the course by Case.
Screenshot of the landing page for the course. This is the branded version.
When Case was building the course he tried to build in as many opportunities for interaction as possible based on the content in the script.
Case also filmed and edited the interviews included in the course.
Case paid attention to chunk the content, and break up the content with relevant imagery. This makes the course easier to read and scan, and reduces the cognitive load of having too many key learnings on the screen at the same time.
Another example of a simple interaction.
An illustration made for the course by Case. This is used as a clickable image interactive in the course, with hotspots appearing over different groups.
Web Based Course on Mental Health

Case created the art direction for the course. This web based course was built by Case in Articulate Rise, which allows the course to be responsive but also quick and easy to build.

The first module was built by Case, the second and third was build by Trisha Kieu. A series of updates was also done by Trisha.

Work shown on this portfolio page limited to Case's contributions to this course.

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Case Krawcewicz
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