Some core pages Case worked on. The Transportation page just said "Case Studies Coming" back when case joined. He updated it a number of times, the version showed here is with the copy and updates he made in 2023. The MAC page was written by Case as well. On the Marketing Team he researched the topic of Main Automation Contractor and became the SME for this on the team. The History page is based on information Case collected interviewing long standing members in the company, and gathering together disperse sources of data on the company.
Stickynote sitemap brainstorming (from 2021)
The Machine Learning and Machine Learning pages were brand-new pages created by me and the former Marketing Manager, Miranda, in 2021. Working to match and improve on the existing website style I made mockups in Illustrator before obtaining feedback, making changes, purchasing the required stock photos, and implementing the design in WordPress. Copy written by Miranda.
A long page on the OLRT Case Study. Copy by Miranda, design and illustrations by Case.
About and Career pages improved by Case. The two career subpages were added in 2021 and 2022. During Case's time at Willowglen the Careers section was under constant improvement through continued close collaboration with the HR department. The About page was updated in 2023 to help match the style of the rest of the site.
One of the five pages in the new (2022) Resource section. Videos on this page were also created by Case.
Willowglen Website Improvements

A number of my projects while working at Willowglen have been website improvements. This includes improving the website overall but also working to develop new pages.

New pages I worked on include:
- The Machine Learning and Machine Learning Case Study pages (2021)
- OLRT Case Study page (2021)
- New Careers pages (2022)
- The Resources section and it's pages (2022)
- The History page (2023)
- Main Automation Contractor (2023), copy on this page written by myself

Pages I have significantly improved:
- Transportation (copy written by myself)
- Proxicom
- About
- Corporate Social Responsibility

All pages were improved in some way over time. Those are just the most notable examples. The Marketing Team varied from one to five people, and others from outside the team provided feedback.

Not shown are the sitemaps, wireframes, and Miro boards used to plan website changes.

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