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I'm Industrial Designer, graduated in 2004 and since then I have participated in several projects focused on product design to interior space. I am interested in obtaining and providing experience, knowledge and skills that enable to realize the ideas of the form most faithful and flawless as possible, integrate new technologies into the work, exercise creativity, transform the materials and to rethink objects from every detail, driving the transformation and aesthetics in everything around us. Total fervor for the furniture, the color in all presentations, textures and natural light.


- Publication: Book "Design For 2016" fifth edition // Launching: Fuori Salone 2016 Milan // 246 concepts conceived by 123 international designers // - Scholarship for a High-Level Course of Design at Politecnico di Milano - Lighting Product Design // Industry Sector // Finalist in the SALAO DESIGN CASA BRAZIL 2011 http://www.salaodesign. com.br / blog / selecionados-industry / - BEST GRADUATING Universidad del Valle: Awarded for being on the 10 first faculty averages.

Experience & Education