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Trend research boards in relation to the A|X ladies street line. The line at the time consisted of 3 styles all pretty solid business drivers, but for a very specific customer. Glitz and stones are a huge must in the line but reading the trends at the time I saw a big push for stacking in the ladies market. The fashion watch for women is about more than being able to tell time. It's a huge piece of the outfit and needs to be a statement piece.
Sketch work in a quick development phase. The project started as a redesign but transitioned into a stand alone concept used to in much the same way car companies put out concept cars. How far can we take this trend in a single embodiment and what can it teach us?
The final concept selection before moving into Solidworks
The money shot. The final selected concept combined the trends of stacking I picked up on in my research with the tried and true women's street line DNA. The metal bangle and acetate provide a unique two tone coloring effect that is accented by the glitz making a fashionable piece with the flair that the core consumer in this section of Armani's business wants.
A collection of detail shots as well as color options.
With such an open design I put forward the option of multiple bangle designs to allow the watch to grow over many seasons as tastes and trends change.
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Armani Exchange - Women's Watch Concept

A project put together when I was a design intern working for Armani Exchange Watches

*All work shown here is property of Fossil Inc.*

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Colin Curry
Senior Designer at Jack Mason Dallas, TX