Toyota held its 2013 National Dealer Meeting Product Salon in Atlanta, GA on August 7 at the Georgia World Congress Center. The client wanted to create an unforgettable, media-rich environment for their 2013 National Dealer Meeting. Being a long-time proponent of the use of media in their auto show environments, Toyota wanted to raise the bar for its dealers. George P. Johnson was tasked with creating a media experience that was new, exciting, unforgettable and bigger than anything they’ve done before. The experience had to attract and engage the dealers, while also creating a dynamic central space to the event. Dubbed the Waku-Doki Digital Projection Curtain, the experience was unanimously well-received by the client and dealers alike.
The Waku-Doki Digital Projection Curtain was an immersive, 360-degree panoramic, double-sided HD media experience. Measuring 20’ high, 392’ around and comprised of 12,560 silicone tubes, the Waku-Doki Digital Projection Curtain created a remarkable centerpiece to Toyota’s 2013 National Dealer Meeting. The Waku-Doki Digital Projection Curtain was visible from all areas of the event, drawing visitors to view, touch and pass through the curtain to experience its dynamic digital media from both an interior and exterior perspective. Custom dynamic media content was created specifically for the event and over half a billion pixels were projected each second. The Waku-Doki Digital Projection Curtain was essentially a theater-in-the-round; literally the equivalent of eleven movie theater screens in projected area.
Toyota 2013 National Dealer Meeting

Toyota 2013 National Dealer Meeting

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