Baby Sesame Street characters.
Classic Sesame Street characters with boy oriented themes.
Classic Sesame Street characters with girl themes.
A short walkthrough on my involvement in the development of the first Chinese engine, Yong Bao.
An abbreviated snapshot of my involvement in the development of our first African-American inspired engine, Nia. We even got the United Nations to sign off on her final design.
A quick look into the development of the Thomas & Friends 70th Anniversary engine, Ryan. One of the engines that is a particular favorite of mine.
An interchangeable library of Thomas facial expressions that pushed the limitations of what was considered a somewhat more stoic classic character.
Vector interpretations of the new interchangeable Thomas expressions that were developed in CGI.
A few overlay sketches to direct the development of some additional expressions for Nia, one of the new members of the steam team. These faces will be illustrated then embedded into the standard vector poses currently being used in the engine guide.
Character Design

An assortment of licensed brand characters that I have been involved in developing over my career.

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Patrick Connolly
Licensed Brand Creative Director & Character Designer Glen Head, NY