Electric wire model
3D printed model
Study of modules
Student analysis of modules
Student analysis of modules
Design and Science: a research project.

What are the relationships between design and science? some scholars say there are so many, that actually there is no distinction between the two. For these project we try to make design and bimolecular science work together. We have designed a workshop in which design students learn about theory of form using the geometric elements of proteins. We use data from the Protein Data Bank to observe, prototype, and 3d print protein structures. So far we have offered workshops at Universidad San Francisco de Quito, and Universidad del Azuay, in Ecuador. We have taken part on exhibitions, and we are working on a big paper.
This is a collaborative work with Sebastián Robalino, and Daniel Carrasco, scientists from the Universidad san Francisco de Quito.

Freelance, Full-time
Cristian Mogrovejo
MFA. Industrial designer, graphic designer, educator. Quito, Ecuador