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Design: Cristian Mogrovejo. Construction: Vladimir Andrade. Client: Induferro: www.induferro.com
Client: Induferro is an industrial hardware store. Some of the products they sell are industrial cable, steel chain, shackles, cranes, winches, among others. Induferro requires a showroom in which to display the technical qualities of their product, together with all the necessary information to improve their costumer experience, making it attractive, original, innovative and didactic. Strategy: Induferro┬┤s clients do not only look for product, they also look for information, technical guidance and knowledge. Feynman Lab is a display structure system that allows for clear technical, commercial and didactic information about the product to be displayed. References: High tech labs and workshops.
System modules
Distribution in space
Technical and service details
First person point of view study
System modules
Form studies
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Feynman Lab

Product display structures for Induferro hardware store in Quito.

Freelance, Full-time
Cristian Mogrovejo
MFA. Industrial designer, graphic designer, educator. Quito, Ecuador