Design: Cristian Mogrovejo. Construction: Vladimir Andrade. Client: Induferro:
Client: Induferro is an industrial hardware store. Some of the products they sell are industrial cable, steel chain, shackles, cranes, winches, among others. Induferro requires a showroom in which to display the technical qualities of their product, together with all the necessary information to improve their costumer experience, making it attractive, original, innovative and didactic. Strategy: Induferro´s clients do not only look for product, they also look for information, technical guidance and knowledge. Feynman Lab is a display structure system that allows for clear technical, commercial and didactic information about the product to be displayed. References: High tech labs and workshops.
System modules
Distribution in space
Technical and service details
First person point of view study
System modules
Form studies
Feynman Lab

Product display structures for Induferro hardware store in Quito.

Freelance, Full-time
Cristian Mogrovejo
MFA. Industrial designer, graphic designer, educator. Quito, Ecuador