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PERSONAL PROFILE Post Graduate degree in Product Design has helped me gain an analytical and consumer centric approach to a problem. I wish to continue the learning experience and to work with an organization which will enhance my creativity and design skills. I am looking for opportunities that involve variety of work and exposure in the design industry.


Lighting Design Category I Design Award Winner; November 2012 from - Mr. Onur Mustak Cobanli, Advanced Design Department, Politecnico di Milano, Italy Home and Office Equipment Design Category I Design Award Runner Up; November 2012 Ask Turner Duckworth Contest Dieline Conference, Chicago; June 2011 PUBLICATIONS: i Roll : July 4, 2011 - www.designbuzz.com http://www.designbuzz.com/entry/i-roll-a-space-saving-roll-up-cellphone-concept/ Roll a Call : November 20, 2011 - www.designbuzz.com http://www.designbuzz.com/entry/roll-call-foldable-cellphone-concept-fashioned-fabric/ Extru : October 11, 2011 - www.yankodesign.com http://www.yankodesign.com/2011/11/10/the-low-cost-phone/ paNBin : December 27, 2011 - www.tuvie.com www.designbuzz.com http://www.tuvie.com/?s=sudhanwa&x=23&y=19 Question selected for Ask Turner Duckworth - Dieline Conference held at Chicago 2011. Screw u : June 2012 http://www.tuvie.com/screwu-screwdriver-with-built-in-6-bits-and-led-light-by-sudhanwa-chavan/

Experience & Education