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I am currently working as a Product Designer for Flex in the Netherlands, being a passionate designer who is constantly pushing to achieve the best in everything I do. My inspiration comes from what I love; all forms of art and design, music, nature, architecture and the latest technical innovations. I am a energetic and creative individual with an eye for innovative design solutions that meet aesthetic, performance and functional criteria. Additionally I have a sound track record using established development processes, good engineering practice and discipline to deliver robust design solutions, in combination with the ability to communicate between teams to ensure effective and timely input. Keeping active and being productive with my time both in and out of work are also key to me.


Patent - Europe 16182513.8 - 1757 Patent - Europe 16186226.3 - 1757 Best Startup - Young Enterprise UK Best Product - Young Enterprise UK Best Overall - Young Enterprise UK


Institute of Design Engineers

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