I have always been passionate about creating usefully innovative designs, in the hopes to break new ground on the every changing field with which I am so proud to be a part of. I set high expectations for my work and enjoy striving to improve people's lives. My studies at Auburn University, one of the top Industrial Design Programs within the United States, provided me the advanced techniques needed to be successful in the Industrial Design industry. My education provided valuable experience and knowledge in the importance of research, ergonomics, marketing, and engineering. I have experience on how these components affect the product design process. I was fortunate to work in industry sponsored studios for companies such as Broan Nuton, MMI, and Great Southern Wood. These studio assignments provided me experience of the real world design processes, and helped me develop and enhance my abilities to analyze and produce products. Freeman, the largest national exhibit design company within the United States, taught me how to collaboratively work with internal clients, external clients, and engineering departments in order to create designs which were aesthetically insightful, ideally functional, and cost effective. Through this effective communication between each of the parties involved we as a team streamlined the design process, which in turned gained recognition resulting in awards such as “Best in show at APPMA 2009”. The last three years at The Expo Group allowed me to grow exponentially as a designer. My work at The Expo Group has yielded me the opportunity to work with companies such as Autodesk, DEMA, BNSF, and many many more. I continue to look forward to the rewarding feats that can be achieved, working with this fine company.


Best in Show @ APMA

Experience & Education