Hi, I'm Dan, a Product Design graduate from Plymouth University. I am a very creative and ambitious person that enjoys succeeding and getting noticed for the things I do. I am extremely passionate and enthusiastic about design in all its forms and always strive to produce original, thought provoking work. I am a fast learning designer and keen for exploration, and I’m always excited to inspire myself. I love to produce stunning graphics that are always reinforced by stunning originality and creativity. I believe that a great looking visual must have equally great originality behind it. This is something that I infuse in my work each day.


SuperYacht UK Design Competition Winner 2012 Innovative portfolio & freehand drawing competition. Abitare La Barca Concept Award Winner 2012 Live freehand drawing. Prestigious marine concept award in Italy. RSA Student Design Awards Commended Runner Up 2012 In association with Priestmangoode. Commended for high standard of work.

Experience & Education