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WaterWise - Swimming Aid

This product is a child's swimming aid designed to help them progress in swimming ability whilst increasing in confidence.
The product works in three parts in a simple and easy to understand 'traffic light' system. As the child becomes more confident and improves in technique, the green float can be removed and then the yellow until they only have the red until they can swim independently.
The floats are held together by simple plastic clips similar to those used on gym holdall bags. They also have a Velcro folding component which attaches each float through the middle to ensure maximum safety for the child. When a float has been removed the Velcro simply folds and attaches underneath.
There are handles on the float that will remain until the child can swim to ensure that the child can get on and off the product will ease.

Danielle Close
Product Designer at Bournemouth University Bournemouth, United Kingdom