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Let's chat: lovedennishan@gmail.com ***************************************** Add me on FACEBOOK: www.facebook.com/dlovesobjects **************************************** Dennis is a highly passionate Industrial Designer who enjoys conceptualization that carries a poetic touch in it. He gets inspired by the objects in the environment, animals and greens, the fashion enthusiasts on the streets, even to the extreme of political affairs that are happening globally. He believes design could form a finesse between human, object, business and technology. Away from ideals, he has spent more than half of his working experience with Electrolux, a key leader in the consumer appliances industry. He counts himself fortunate as he gained his rich design experience and insights through working together with many talented individuals, spanning across different disciplines of design and nationalities. He also learnt the importance of effective design communication across to different business units. This is the place where he met effective, influential and charismatic leaders. They left a strong imprint in his profession. Electrolux is also the "cooking institution" where he discovered his passion for cooking. Sweet! Dennis' strong eye for details and proportions has enable him to quickly conceive forms to amplify visual values for the product type. His beliefs together with his keen eye for consumer observation and interaction has also enable him to translate learnings into better user experience design. He believes that a successful product should be driven by a healthy design process. His zealousness towards design has allow himself to cultivate an ever increasing appetite on wide design trends. He holds the moniker "Daniel Loves Objects" and his works have been highly appreciated and publicized on books, magazines, web over the years. Go Google it out if you are curious! Currently, he is looking out for opportunities in industries where he can hone his design appetite in the areas of Industrial Design, User Experience Design and areas where he can put his creative problem solving hat into good use! PUBLICATIONS Magazines 2008 Dec, Home Concepts, Singapore 2009 Jan, Dfun, Taiwan 2009 April, 831, USA 2009 April, Vlast Deneg, Ukraine 2009 May, Complot, Spain 2009 May (Issue 77), Interior World, South Korea 2009 May, Nisha, Israel 2009 May, Surface, China 2009 May, The Peak, Hong Kong 2009 May, F5, Russia 2009 May, FlyMagazine, Russia 2009 June, Casaviva, Mexico 2009 June, Maison Figaro, Greece 2009 June, Quo, Spain 2009 June, The Designer Magazine, United Kingdom 2009 July, Elle, Czech Republic 2009 July, Ego, Ukraine 2009 July, Prestige, China 2009 July, Home Concepts, Singapore 2009 August, Warp, Japan 2009 Sep, Warp, Japan 2009 Oct, GQ, Russia 2009 Oct, Z!nk, USA 2009 Oct, Interiors, South Korea 2009 Oct, Maru, South Korea 2009 Oct, Hi Home, Russia 2009 Oct, World Gold Magazine, Vietnam 2009 Oct, Life Element, China 2009 Nov, Esquire, Taiwan 2009 Dec, Playboy, Lithunia 2010 Jan, .Wit, Italy 2010 Jan, Home & Decor, Singapore 2010 Feb, and mag, Turkey 2010 Apr, Bravacasa, Italy 2010 Apr, Elle Decoration, Greece 2010 June, Design.Architecture.Style., Moldova 2010 Aug, [kAk), Russia 2010 Sep, Architectural Digest, Russia 2011 Jan, The Home, Bulgaria 2011, Feb, Design.Architecture.Style., Moldova 2012, Aug, Design Magazine, China 2013, Nov, Dobre Wnetrze, Poland 2013, Nov, Blagoustroystvo, Russia 2013, Nov, Forbes, Turkey 2013, Dec, Home, India Books 2009 Sep, Objet, Archiworld, South Korea 2009 Oct, Once Upon A Chair, Gestalten, Germany 2009 Nov, Clou - Excellent Creativity in Advertising, Marketing, Media and Design, Hermann-Schmidt-Verlag and Thames & Hudson, Germany and United Kingdom 2010 Nov, 1000 Product Designs: Form, Function & Technology from Around the World, Rockport Publishers, USA 2012 May, Bookshelf, Thames & Hudson, USA 2016, Organic Design - Products Inspired by Nature, Sendpoints Books

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