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3M Polarized Lamp - Polarized Desk Lamp that incorporates the polarizing filter created by 3M.
This project was developed with Pininfarina Extra - Italy. My design goal was to create a more organic form factor for a task lamp making the pieces of the whole product less rigid and more friendly to the touch.
3M Polarized Lamp
Cilindro Exploration
Cilindro - This lamp also incorporates the 3M polar filter.
It has an articulated arm and head for task functionality but it can be closed and produce ambiance light for the home office or reading corner...
lizard - This lamp uses cold light bulbs and as a cold blooded creature that relies on sunlight to come alive this flexible skin lamp has an endoskeleton that allows it to be directed onto a point of focus. Once you turn it on it comes alive!
StingRay - Like the lizard lamp it features a soft body with a skeleton that allows it to assume different positions providing light at different angles.
Tube - this is a very minimalist approach to a desk lamp.
This product consists of one aluminum alloy pipe that is cut at an angle allowing it's top to rotate and provide a spot light that focusses on one point on your desk or the painting o your wall.
If it uses a system similar to a Maglight you may be able to control the focus of the light beam.
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Daniel Mota Veiga
Faculty Member at Domus Academy San Diego, CA