From receiving my B.Tech in Architecture on Spring 11' up to my current experience in 2018, I can proudly say I've obtained a diverse background in work both Project Architect & Project Manager; for a detailed cover letter with summary of hand-selected projects & the required skills, available upon request. To view my LinkedIn profile, you may click the link on the top right with the "LinkedIn symbol." A milestone reached was project managing near 1 million square feet conducting site surveys for residential & commercial spaces; final delivery would include As-Built floor plans for the purpose of appraisals and/or future renovations. Many thanks in advance for your interest in my work and if there are any questions at all about my industry experience whether you are a recruiter, employer, professional, community leader, or college student, I invite you to reach me. Enjoy the day ahead.


Winning Interior Design Entry - Lighting By Gregory AutoCAD Professional Certification

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