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I am a highly motivated individual, working in Graphic Design with a strong background in offset printing and pre-press. I strive to stay creative and regularly challenge myself to think out side of the box. In my current position, I am responsible for a team of graphic and productions designers. My team is responsible for the creation of the weekly sales circular and two monthly sales ad for a 200+ store grocery chain. I also oversee the creative for all in-store signage, ensuring that messaging is clear and customer-friendly while adhering to company brand guidelines . I have also had the pleasure of working with an outside Ad agency to develop TV commercials, critiquing concepts and scripts and being a point of contact during production. For a few years,I also created editorial cartoons for my local news paper. All of the cartoons were hand drawn and then finished with Adobe Photoshop. They were based on local current events and typically run one to two times a week. During my three years submitting cartoons, I have had 200+ published. For ten years previous, I was the production manager of a small, nationwide print shop. I could be found doing anything from typsetting, to pre-press/plating, to running a two color Heidelberg, to cutting and folding jobs. My other responsibilities were ordering supplies, maintaining all of the equipment and, when time allowed, creating new product designs.

Experience & Education