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Self-starting Game/UI Designer and BI Analyst with over a decade of industry experience in various game genres. I have worked on titles across a wide variety of platforms, ranging from Web Apps, Mobile, and multiple Console generations, with many of them being cross-platform titles. I wear many hats including creating new IP's, designing paper prototypes, mocking up game UI's, designing game mechanics, UX and User Flow, descriptive documentation, data analysis, backend setup, SQL scripting, and more. My latest project is the brand new cross-platform IP, Prominence Poker. Software Knowledge: Balsamiq, Photoshop, Excel, MySQL Workbench, SQL Language, Tableau, Visio, Android Studio, Maya, Microsoft Word, Unity, Unreal, Torque, Perforce, Git, and Hammer.


GarageGames Employee of the Month - February 2009

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