Tote bags - Leather craft from Kutch, Gujarat, India
Tote bags - Leather craft from Kutch, Gujarat, India
Tote bags - Leather craft from Kutch, Gujarat, India
Surface exploration
concepts for evening bags - Celebrating everyday India. Heavily embellished surfaces contrast against images of people to create picture postcard bags.
The Seer - Art Deco neck piece consisting of graduated cones with inverted brilliant cut crystals and exposed links. Made in silver.
Ebola - Hand braided and hand strung neck piece made of a silver wire core, silver wire springs and tear drop crystals.
crystal arches - surface exploration with crystals and texture development with silver thread and felt.
Creating a visual language: Perfume - For this workshop I described what Perfume meant to me. Spent a week taking pictures to capture that thought. Then I tried to give form to that visual imagery through packaging the perfume and defining its use.
Lotus Pond - I created 4 designs based on existing forms/lasts during my internship at Tata International at Dewas, inspired by Lotus. I tried to use the radiating aspect of the flower to develop the surface and also attempted leather applique. I faced the constraint of limited availability of lasts and heel styles, but this was my first attempt at designing shoes and nothing was going to stop me!
Arachnophilia - It started as a form development exercise. While exploring cellar spiders I tried using wires to create the armature and used stocking to give it volume. It turned out to be a pleasant surprise.
Academic and project work
Dipen Desai
Strategic Design, Brand Management and Accessory Design Pondicherry, India