Goomy Land Mini Golf Art Prize 2013

Goomyland Mini Golf was an interactive sculptural piece that was part installation, part viewer activity. The ideas presented challenge players’ senses as much as their games. Viewers had the opportunity to play a part of and be immersed in this artwork, which included three holes that one navigated through a series of mis-directions, sound and motion through a character driven environment. This work was meant to inspire wonder and challenge one’s position pertaining to the relationship between artist, artwork and viewer.

This sculptural piece was a continuation of my art based on a series of works first presented at my M.F.A. Thesis exhibition “Little Room” displayed at Ohio University in 2007.

The project was part of Art Prize 2013 and was presented at The Grand Rapids Public Museum, one of the most popular venues for previous Art prize competitions. It is only one of seven works to be shown at this museum for this year’s Artprize

Donald VanAuken
Instructor of Art/New Media Kalamazoo, MI