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Hussaria Trading Ltd. logo - Hussaria Trading Ltd. needed its logo to clearly communicate that it is a food ingredients and distribution company.
Hussaria Trading logo variations.
Logo was design for Imaginative Concepts Ltd, a distributor of European Decorative Lighting products in US. I've designed company website www.iconceptslight.com

Legal Sea Food logos - Legal Sea Foods needed a logo for the opening of a three story flagship restaurant on the Boston waterfront and these were some of the logo explorations for it.
The Men’s Wearhouse logos - The Men’s Wearhouse and their Tux store requested updated logos. Here were some of the logo explorations for it.
The Led Specialists logo - The Led Specialists logo was created for a lighting development and engineering specialist company.
Meijer logos - Meijer, a Midwestern superstore, needed a logo for one of its charity programs that gives back to the community. Here were some of the logo explorations for it.
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Logos / Identity

An image or brand is the focus point of recognition and association. Customers will develop an opinion within the first few seconds of interacting with your brand.

Through shape, symbol or color a strong logo quickly identifies who you are as a company. It must be in a form that is instantly discernible and leaves a lasting impression that conveys an intended message. A great logo is invaluable and can only strengthen the brand’s identity. It instills consumers with a perception of quality and reliability which assists in increasing sales.

Elena Vorontsova
Art Director and Graphic Artist New York, NY