Responsible for creating and developing concepts and architectural projects. Focused on retail and brand experience. Work on retail design, visual merchandising, showrooms, branding and exhibit design. Management of multidisciplinary team through creative directing, monitoring and guidance during the stages of creation, feasibility, and implementation details.


Speaker at the event Redesign - Retail Design São Paulo 2012 - showing the Case of Retail and consumer perception - Camicado: the design in order to build a new brand positioning. EstanDesign 2009 - golden medal - art direction of Havaianas' Booth at Bread&Butter2008 1º Prêmio Colunistas Design São Paulo 2008/2009 - golden medal - "Havaianas Lafayette Must Have Tables", by CRIACITTA to Alpargatas. Creative Direction: Wado Gonçalves. Art Direction: Eliane Ramazzotti Porto. Atendimento: Claudia Salto.

Experience & Education