A logo for a toy distributor in London. A registered and copyrighted trademark. Used with permission from thetoadstool.co.uk
Philippine Flag - Illustration. Flag used in milestone of Bechtel and Philippine Independence Centennial, 1998.
Logo for Khoi Nguon - A Vietnamese Non-Profit Organization
with their native bronze plate and patterns
Logo for Pro Tax & Accounting Service
Logo for USA Gateways Travel Agency
Logo for Kapisanan ng Taga-Antipolo
Logo for Vietnamese Tet Festival
Logo for Peer Counselors Group in Sacramento - The challenge is to design a logo for a close group interacting with each other through emails
Personal Logo
Logo for the Filipino Masons in Sacramento
Logo for Gen. Douglas MacArthur Lodge
Logo for Lily Jo Balloons
Logo for Party Our Way
A charitable organisation in Tooting
Personal logo design for Zach Dermot who's into Razer products.
logos & logotypes

Registered logos. Please use with caution and permission.

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Emmanuel Torres
Graphic Designer / Desktop Publishing Specialist London, United Kingdom