Optical Keyboard Keyset Top View - Features and Benefits: • Silicon rubber and recycled plastics • Pressure sensitivity technology for typing • Wireless USB for computer connectivity • Eliminates QWERTY • Avoids repetitive stress injury • Provides vision-impaired and disabled with a new, easy-to-use, inexpensive avenue for communication • Injection-Molded
Jellyfish-Inspired Optical Keyboard Keyset in Red - Project Requirements: Redesign, enhance usability, and incorporate advanced technology into original chorded keyset, invented in 1968, along with the computer mouse, by Doug Engelbart. Keyset is a computer input device that allows users to enter characters and commands without keyboard or monitor. Uses five binary chords rather than keys. User, with practice, types faster than on a keyboard. Client: Doug Engelbart Solution: Versatile, streamlined, 21st Century device. Copyright 2010.
Inspired by nature. - Inspired by beached jellyfish, discovered while jogging along the shore in Santa Barbara, California.
Aquatic Inspiration
Optical Keyboard Keyset in Jet Black - Fits the curve of the hand. Little to no digital stress while in use. Designed in SolidWorks, rendered in Hypershot.
Ideation Sketches
Doug Engelbart demonstrating the original chorded keyset at SRI. - Photography by Evan Schaffer
A peek inside.
Conference with Doug Engelbart at SRI, Menlo Park.
Keyset Design Hits the Blogosphere. "This Five-Button Saucer Could Replace Your Entire Keyboard" - It all started with a two thumbs up featured critique by Kyle VanHemert on Gizmodo.com and then exploded to over 100 diggs, over 30+ tech pundits' blogs and feeds, buzz on Twitter, receiving rave reviews. From Gizmo Whiz and Tech News Daily to Ubervu, Sony Slim, Tom Glocer, Gadget Blips, and Bitsnipe.
Optical Keyboard Keyset
Erik Campbell
Industrial Designer San Francisco, CA