I design for all media: industrial, product, graphic, and experience design. I am especially drawn to products and services that improve the way we live, work, and play. I pursue innovative solutions, hands-on, consider the end users, and the future, am a master of the latest 3D envisioning technology, highly creative, and think green. I collaborate with companies, start-ups, entrepreneurs, visionaries, fellow designers, industrial engineers, technicians, fabricators, and manufacturers.


CES Innovations Honoree 2014; CES Innovations Honoree 2015; Copa Most Innovative Award; President's Scholar List, CSULB; 3D Design Cut & Paste Design Finalist, Los Angeles; Flow Snowboarding Competition; Featured on Gizmodo.com, receiving two thumbs up; Rave reviews and tweets from over 30 tech blog pundits and feeds; Over 100 diggs; Design Association Officer, CSULB.



Experience & Education