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Initial background being drawn out and having first layer of paint added to it.
Finishing the paint touch ups on the backdrop.
Placing the backdrop within the pinball siding.
Pinball sides having paint added.
Adding the last final features including the launcher and paddles.
Final Product front view.
Final Product background close up view.
Design Expo Fall 2013
Creativity & Imagination Design Class

Senior year of college I took a class called Creativity & Imagination. This class was designed to help engineering students learn to think more outside the box and push their creative limits.

For this project, we were tasked with creating a pinball machine but the major constraint was it needed to me done with 90% cardboard and it needed to work.

In order to stick with the main concepts of pinball machines my group and I decided to start our project with a big flashy picture. From there, we started researching the aspects of the project that needed to have functioning components such as paddles, retrieval system and launcher.

Our team spent in total about 18hrs working on this project. When completed, we were not only able to create a project that met all criteria but actually worked better then we imagined. This project even ended up being displayed at the Fall 2013 Design Expo.

Evan Lowther
Mechanical Engineering & Design Ames, IA