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Initial block of steel in which design will be placed on using Master Cam Software.
First procedure. Initial large diameter mill roughing out the largest areas.
Second procedure. Using a smaller diameter milling tool to get in some of the rough detail of the design.
This was the final product in learning to use the Master Cam software.
CNC machine replicating wear on a tool by repeateadly milling through layer after layer of steel. Next five pictures are representing the tool removing a layer of material.
Programming the CNC machine to remove an entire layers worth of material in order to replicate wear on the tool.
M.A. Ford MFG Internship

My internship at M.A.Ford MFG was a major stepping stone in my engineering career path. This was my first real job experience and my first chance at applying my knowledge and background towards my work.

As I was hired as a manufacturing intern, but suprisingly even at the manufacturing level there was a bunch of design work to be done. It was my job to program CNC machines with the software to mill out any part I need out of the material. With this knowledge later on in the internship I was given programs and had to design something that would be capable of fixing the problem utalizing the CNC machine to create whatever was needed.

- All Images are credited to M.A.Ford MFG Inc.

Evan Lowther
Mechanical Engineering & Design Ames, IA