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My 75 gallon reef aquarium as of summer 2011. Left Side
My 75 gallon reef aquarium as of summer 2011. Middle Section
My 75 gallon reef aquarium as of summer 2011. Right Side
Small Red Montipora coral as of summer 2011
The same Red montipora coral as of summer 2013.Size is now approximately that of a basketball.
Birdnest coral.
Top view of my whole aquarium as of summer 2013.
Marine Reefkeeping (Design Hobby)

Marine Reef-keeping is a hobby and a passion that I have shared with my family ever since I moved to the United States. It is also one of the first places in which I was ever able to combine my engineering and my design skills.

These Reefs are comprised of many different living organisms such as fish, inverts, and corals. Creating an environment in which all the different animals can not only survive but thrive is the engineering problem. Through the use of hand made filtration chambers, and different equipment such as pumps and lighting I am able to replicate an environment close to what these animals would experience in nature.

The design part of this hobby comes, not only from making sure these animals needs are taken care of, but making sure that the tank looks as natural as possible. Trying to give my reef an actual ocean look is my aspiration and it is a continuous endeavor for me to try and accomplish.

Evan Lowther
Mechanical Engineering & Design Ames, IA