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RLDC 2014 will be bringing in speakers to host workshops for graduates, undergraduates and professionals.
Attendees of the 2014 RLDC will have multiple chances to have one on one time with company recruiters.
RLDC will be having multiple case studies and extreme engineering opportunities.
We will be concluding the 2014 RLDC with a career fair helping to connect employers with students.
Regional Leadership Development Conference Planning

in 2012 the President of The Society of Hispanic Professional Engineers sent a proposal to SHPE Nationals to bring the 2014 RLDC to Iowa State University. This proposal was accepted in summer of 2013.

I am now a member of the 2014 RLDC Planning Committee head of Logistics. My responsibilities thus far have including the creation of a promotional commercial which was displayed at the 2013 SHPE National Conference, the creation of the logo for the conference, and figuring out volunteer schedules.

As we approach the dates of the conference my duties will start to get more and more complex. My involvement in this club has proven to be more time demanding then any other club that I have done at Iowa State. However, no other club has yet to provide me with the same opportunities or knowledge as this club has.

Evan Lowther
Mechanical Engineering & Design Ames, IA