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Very first attempt at creating a solidworks airplane model.
Final attempt of the first project. Added more details in the overall design allowing it to have a less clunky and more streamline design.
The METaL lab at Iowa State University. Virtual Reality Machine that generates our designs in order to experience them though the METaL lab.
First look at the initial model in virtual reality. This view is where the cockpit is.
Mr. Evans the teacher for the class trying out the virtual reality inside the first design of the cockpit.
Some of the students watching me in my cockpit design using the virtual reality.
I eventually revisited the plane project and decided to push the details to a higher level. This time I focused on the feel inside the cockpit via virtual reality.
Close up lock at the cockpit.
Close up look at the controls in the cockpit.
Students experiencing the final cockpit design in virtual reality.
Final product being experience through virtual reality in METaL.
Virtual Reality Design Project

Design 332x was an experimental class designed to observe how virtual reality affects the design process involved with projects. My project was designing an airplane’s cockpit and using the METaL lab to allow a user to actually view the inside of the cockpit from a perspective as if they were actually using it.
My initial project was designing the airplane model. It was designed after the Lockheed Martin’s F-22 fighter plane. This Plane was the first of its kind to have vertical flight takeoff capabilities. This feature helped give a more futuristic feel to the plane.
For my final project in this class I decided to revisit the initial plane model but this time I wanted to really detail it out and give it the sense of realism. In order to do this, I created a cockpit that could be utilized via virtual reality. To make sure it had the realism, I gave the cockpit detail in the controls and monitors so when being used, it gives the user a realistic feel.

Evan Lowther
Mechanical Engineering & Design Ames, IA